Friday 6 October 2017

Go go life

Let me ask a question from you - what is success of your life? Many of peoples will answer having a lot of money, respect etc… but what if I say to you all of us are successful?  Did you believe it? You're answer will be probably not. Then give me your time to answer it. 

01.  Finishing your education - It is the most important thing in modern world. There is no low if you want to success in education you must possess a university degree. It is your limit and that is it. It can be degree, diploma, NVQ certificate or anything you want to.

02.  Do not getting married before finishing your education. It is no need to be explaining think how many girls are runaway from their home with her boyfriend? How many child mothers do we have? And most of our boys are more active in finding lover in school rather than they grades.
Now you may think next is will be finding a job. But finding a job is an easy part, you can choose white choler job or blue choler job. 

03.  Stay in your job and become a professional in your job. Quitting from your is easy you always can find a new job but staying in your job and become a professional in your job required time and dedication. And you cannot do it in over night or your parents can not buy it for you.

This is the three rules of success if you have this qualities you are successful. So tell me how match successful you are? Yes, as I predicted you are 100% successful. And I will give you a bonus, if you are earn money to live your life style (whatever it is) you are consider as a rich man, you do not see that come isn’t it? Yes but it is it you don’t need six figure of digits for that.

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